The TD Holdings (TDH) Chairman and Vision Consultant, Dr Gideon Gono, gives a background to TDH and its life.

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1.1. TD Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. (TDH) is a vision-driven, multi-sectoral entity headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe with stand-alone subsidiaries whose vision has been strengthened by time since its inception 2 decades ago, and moving from informality in years gone by to its formal existence now.

1.2. To date, all growth has come from internally generated funds, family resources, daringly huge borrowings from friends and banks all now fully paid up.

1.3. Everything that we have as a Family-owned business was built from scratch, properties legitimately bought and paid for in all cases and whatever is presented herein can be accounted for by date, source, and application of funds. 

1.4. The process has taken us not less than 42 years to build, from scratch. During my ten years in national service, annual returns were filed with the reporting authorities declaring Family assets and liabilities as was legally mandatory. The last declaration was in February 2018 when I held the non-executive chairmanship of an SOE. 

2. What does TD stand for? What core business does it do?
2.1. Standing for “Together Doable”, TDH’s primary areas of passionate interest are agriculture and real estate for which the Group owns over 6000 Ha of free-hold, premium land-bank in Norton, a town 45km outside Harare, the capital city, while other smaller holdings of land are located in and outside Harare where top-notch prime residential developments are underway or soon to take off.

2.2. Other areas of involvement include industrial activities of which the Group, through its subsidiaries, is either a developer, an operator, or both; eco-tourism, healthcare, water, energy, mining, banking, and finance and advisory activities.

2.3. Within the industrial cluster are two privately-owned, Government approved Special Economic Zones (SEZs) currently under the guided development path of South Africa’s premier Special Economic Development Agency (COEGA Development Corporation) headquartered in Port- Elizabeth, South Africa.

2.4. COEGA Development Corporation (CDC) and TDH signed a Technical Development and Implementation Agency Agreement in March 2019. One of the SEZs is NBP (Lenstloane (Pvt) Ltd. in Norton, a town in Mashonaland West Province, 40km outside Harare, and the other one, Ecosoft (Pvt) Ltd. is 25km outside Harare in Mashonaland East Province.

2.5. The planned activities at these two SEZs are predominantly complementary hence their joint and simultaneous development under one technical agreement which will see agro-processing activities, solar-panels, accessories and batteries manufacturing, solar plant installations, water treatment, healthcare, pharmaceutical products, and PPE being manufactured for both local and export markets.

3. What are the Group’s Projects Criteria?

3.1. The Group is pursuing projects and activities with positive socio-economic impacts that:

a) create, preserve and sustain jobs;

b) generate exports;

c) promote import substitutions and value-addition;

d) promote beneficial linkages across different sectors and players in the economy;

3.2.We ensure that all our projects are:

a) financially and economically viable, technically feasible, sustainable in the long run, and ecologically friendly;

b) industrially, commercially, socially, and environmentally acceptable within international norms and standards of excellence, with positive returns to the communities in which we operate. 

4.Group Holding & Subsidiary Shareholding
4.1. TD Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is currently (as of 28 February 2021) a family-owned enterprise even though in one of the pioneering projects, the first solar energy project, (40,8 MW Norton Solar Plant) the family went for a minority shareholding with the majority going to British investors.

4.2.That particular Norton project resembles a truly international collaboration that fits in well with the family’s developmental ideology that allows, when justified, for a macrocosm ownership adjustment in favour of a microcosm of inclusivity for the better good of Zimbabwe as a country and an economy.

4.3. In that configuration, the shareholders are Zimbabweans and British; financiers and bankers are British, American, and South African; EPC are German, based in South Africa; political and risk insurers are a South African, British, and American; suppliers of solar panels, equipment and components are German, Chinese and South African; Owners’Engineers to oversee the project are British London Power Company (LPC); Regulators are Zimbabwean; Water, Topography, Resistivity Specialists, General workers, and specialist service providers are Zimbabwean and final consumers of the power are Zimbabweans and if that’s not a perfect practical definition of globalization and cooperation for the common good of business humanity then none will be.

4.4. The Family will always be reasonable and open to joint venture ownerships and participations that make sense and bring practical value to the table as ultimately, the Family believes in a development agenda that ought to be bigger than, and must outlive, individuals.

4.5. The Family’s business vision and endeavours have been on the table since the early 1990s and up to 2013, it was trial and error, partly because of other commitments the Group Chairman & Vision Consultant had of a national character. 

5. Visions 2020... 2030... 2063... 2099!
5.1. Upon retirement from national service, the Family formulated, in 2014, a 7-year Vision dubbed V2020. It was envisioned that a turnaround of both self and the Group’s business units that then were teetering on the brink of collapse for lack of personalized attention had to be streamlined, strategies put in place, competent technical resources brought into the group, investor-partnership mobilized, and tested for efficacy, other ducks lined up in a row, seek regulatory and governmental supports in respect of the Vision and the projects and, upon receipt and confirmation of all supports, embark on the second phase of the vision, dubbed Vision 2063, now expanded to Vision 2099 but broken down into 5-year development plans. 

5.2.These are Vision 2025: Vision 2030: Vision 2040, 2063 (to align with the continental AU Vision 2063) then Vision 2099. A dashboard with our aspirations to 2099 as dreamt by our Chairman and Vision Consultant, Dr. Gideon Gono, a retired Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe( 2003-13) is laid out below.


6. Do Visions Work... Do they Matter? Are they Necessary?

6.1. The Holy Book, The Bible, tells us in Proverbs 29 vs 18(KJV)” Where there is no vision, a people perish...”

TDH will not risk perishing because there is no Vision inside it. That is why, as the Group Chairman, now and those after me in future, carry an explicit reminder of the Visioning element of his/ her job throughout one’s tenure.

6.2. As Chairman and Vision Consultant( VC) I had many dreams of pulling myself and family by the bootstraps of our shoes and I believe that it is now time to invite others to come along with my family and I if we are to go far. Vision 2021-2099 is thus predicated on the philosophy enshrined in the saying that “ if you want to move fast, go it alone; but if you want to go far, take others with you.”

6.3. The journey from the 1990s when the family began their business ventures in earnest, albeit in not so formalized a manner till 2020 were, solitary business trips, moving ALONE. A lot was learnt in the process.

6.4. Now our exciting but tough journey from 2021 to 2099 need not be a “solitary one-man one family experience, but a pilgrimage of family-business-soulmates, a journey that allows many with the same beliefs and aspirations to come together, walk together, strengthen each other and share responsibilities, experiences and benefits accruing into eternity.

6.5. The Group’s Visionary aspirations beyond the lifespans of current owners, managers, employees, and other stakeholders emanate from the purity of intentions sincere efforts of those who believe in planting mango trees under whose shade they know, for sure, they will not be around this life to benefit from their fruits or shade. The people who are flighted and speak on CNN’s “Companies that are 100 years and above” is a case in point.

6.6. As current Chairman and VC, I would like whoever aspires to be a partner in TDH, whether as an employee, shareholder, lender, or service provider to aim for longevity in thought, word, and deed, to see us through the lenses of his/her eyes and heart. I dream of and imagine always how the TDH story will be told and talked about in 80 years to come by my great-great-grandchildren.

6.7. Now, that means Together it’s Doable and Failure is not an option!