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We knew from the word go, twenty/ thirty years ago that land was and would remain very important to any economic activity because everything is anchored on the Land; agriculture, housing, factories, cities, mines, transport, energy, tourism to name but a few.

Our projects operate on private land, bought and titled. Even at the height of our country’s land reform program where agricultural land was being offered by the Government for no payment, we take pride in having decided before and even at that time, that we would actually purchase (on a willing-buyer willing-seller basis) all our land properties through such loans as from Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and others.

That is the backbone of our vision: stable land ownership without conflict or come-back issues. Against that background, we have worked hard over the years to get Local City approval for top-notch housing projects. With the anticipated return home of many Zimbabweans (estimated at 4million) in the diaspora and general demand for the same from resident investors and others, demand for quality, first-world type housing with reliable energy and water supplies, adequate amenities including security and eco-friendly living, is high now and also bound to remain very high for the foreseeable 30 to 50 years to come.

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Sunlands Eco Estate is set to redefine aspirational estate living in Borrowdale, Harare’s most sought-after suburb. As a secure, modern estate appealing to the upper-end of the property market, Sunlands Eco Estate will attract families who appreciate the area’s unique natural beauty and the superb outdoor lifestyle it promotes.

The access-controlled community will be home to many happy families wanting to enjoy a secure close-knit environment, in harmony with nature. In addition to the natural environment, technology and facilities will combine to create a vibrant, social, interactive community.

The vision is to create a mixed use development with a complete fence-line, gatehouses, community centres, retail, commercial, residential, medical, retirement, education facilities and hospitality - all within one cohesive development space.

As an Eco Estate, Sunlands will take a cue from the natural environment right from the planning stages and incorporate sustainable design principles show. The development will flow according to the natural topography of rolling hills maximising the potential for natural indigenous forests streams and lakes. Mountain biking and walking trails will weave their way through the open conservation areas. The Estate’s architecture will follow a low density theme, positioning homes on generously proportioned erven. Sunrises and sunsets are a spectacular sight from Harare’s ridge and will be a treat for residents to take in - surrounded by lakes, landscaped indigenous gardens and natural grasslands. Outdoor living is at the forefront of the Estate’s design, including large verandas to take advantage of the temperate sunny climate and capturing the natural beauty of the environment.

Living on the Estate brings countless sport and leisure options - all within walking distance. Residents will be able to explore the wetland and forest trails, watch the beautiful birds of Harare, or cast a line in one of the many lakes around the estate. Challenge a neighbour to a match at the tennis club, hit the gym for a circuit, or head out for a run or cycle.

Well-equipped community centres situated in picturesque areas of the estate will make hosting children’s parties and other friend and family gatherings an absolute pleasure.

Our aim is to deliver the most commercially successful, desirable address in Harare. This will be done by creating bulk services and green technology solutions which enable a hassle-free sustainable living environment. It is a shift in the continuum form eco to green living solutions. By introducing a green technology backbone to the estate, residents will be able to manage everything from a tech perspective through a mobile phone.

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Situated on 348Ha of prime land, 45 km out of Harare along the Bulawayo-Harare Highway, the development is next to the UNDP housing village under development on a 100ha piece of land. 

Redwing Housing Development will have 4000 homes split 1000 high-income;1500 middle income and the balance of 1500 homes will be for low income/middle income, two shopping malls and amenities for a clean-air, organic food, clean-energy lifestyle, with schools, health, and entertainment facilities.

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This is a unique housing project planned for a mountain-top location, 20mins drive from the Harare City Centre, inside a multi-purpose Special Economic Zone (Ecosoft Business Park) which has been Licensed by the Government of Zimbabwe.

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