Sustainable Energy


"Let There Be Light" - Genesis 1:3

Our vision in the Renewable Energy sector is meant to not only harvest and revolutionize solar, wind, and hydro-power for the benefit of industry, mining, tourism, agriculture, and many other sectors of the economy but to light-up Zimbabwe, and Africa in general.

Africa remains a dark continent at night and using google earth at night confirms that we are still the darkest continent despite having the longest sunshine period and greater harvest time than all other continents.

Our vision is to solarize all of our roof-tops, solarize small towns and rural areas and improve the living standards of our people. We believe that this will be a very financially viable, technically feasible, and socially impactful endeavour of a kind not yet seen anywhere on the African continent.

With this vision lies the opportunities to assemble or manufacture solar panels and the necessary components, storage batteries, and a host of other technological innovations around the concept.



Our ultimate vision is of a country powered entirely by clean and renewable energy by the year 2030.



At TD Energy we are committed to seeing Zimbabwe become a "solar-nation" by the year 2030.



In order to achieve our mission, we will mobilise financial, human, and cutting edge technologies of the highest quality and make these accessible and affordable to home-owners, industry, commerce, schools, community groups, municipalities and government.